A Short History of the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

When year after year they produce some of the most highly regarded cars in the world, there’s no wonder that they’ve lasted as long as they have. If you don’t know the history of of Mitsubishi, here’s your chance to brush up on some knowledge of one of the best car manufacturers in the world.

To begin this story let’s jump back to 1870 when the Mitsubishi Group was founded. The name consists of two parts – Mitsu (three) and Hishi (water chestnut – hence the rhombus). The logo was devised in 1873 and was officially registered in June 1914.

Mitsubishi’s automotive origins date to 1917 when the Mitsubishi Model A was first introduced by the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. The vehicle was an entirely hand built seven seater based on the Fiat Tipo 3. Due to the cost of building these, compared to the European and American counterparts, the Model A was discontinued in 1921.

The Mitsubishi Motors Group was officially founded on April 22, 1970. But the Mitsubishi name became known in Australia when in 1965 the Colt was introduced. With the Colt and the newly introduced Sigma, by 1973, Mitsubishi’s annual production reached 500,000 vehicles.  By 1980 Mitsubishi had reached annual production of one million cars.

From 1980 to the present day it’s easy to see the success that Mitsubishi have had, with notable mention to the Pajero and Lancer models. Mitsubishi are looking at a green future, with the introduction of the 100% electric MiEV and the announcement of a greener, yet just as performance ready Lancer Evolution.

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Mitsubishi Performance Vehicles

When you think of performance cars what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche. Majority of people forget (or don’t know) about Mitsubishi’s range of performance vehicles. If this is you – you’re missing out! Let’s take a quick look at the performance range of Mitsubishi vehicles available at a Brisbane Mitsubishi Dealer near you.

Some may know of Mitsubishi’s performance franchise through the Ralliart monicker. This high performance and motorsports division is responsible for the development and preparation of the companies rally and off-road racing vehicles. Luckily, for the general public they also release high performance models and parts for a number of vehicles in Mitsubishi’s range, meaning, you get quality kit all at a reasonable price.

In previous years, Mitsubishi has released Ralliart models to the Australian public of the Magna, Lancer, and Colt models, as well as hinting towards a 3 door Pajero. Why would you buy a Ralliart model over a stock standard model? Performance. Brakes, Turbos and anything inbetween, the Ralliart models are kitted with it. If you want a good daily and a good track car rolled into one, get a Ralliart Lancer. If you want a bit more grunt for motorway trips, get the Ralliart Colt. For availability on the Ralliart models visit a Brisbane Mitsubishi Dealer such as Bartons Mitsubishi.

As usual, we save the best for last, and what’s the best Mitsubishi money can buy? The Lancer Evolution. Since 1992, Mitsubishi has has rolled out 10 generations of the Lancer Evo and each has been an improvement on the last. Some claim that the Lancer Evo is the best car money can buy – tame enough to be driven as a daily, but shows its true colours while out on the track. It likes to be pushed hard, and although it doesn’t have the straight line speed of some of the immensely more expensive European super cars, it is more than capable of out cornering them as soon as that first bend arrives.

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