Why Choose Mitsubishis

Mitsubishi vehicles in BrisbaneWhen you decide to buy a car, you need to explore what brand you think will be suitable before you decide on the model. Mitsubishi vehicles in Brisbane are currently retailing record high numbers because people are seeing the benefits of buying this brand. Here, we will explore why people choose Mitsubishis in more detail.


The main reason that people buy Mitsubishis is because they are undoubtedly one of the most reliable brands. Tests showed that less than 15 cars (out of 100) have to come in with issues every year. Carstarblue.com ranked Mitsubishi as second (tied) when it came to reliability and performance. When it was on the air, Top Gear in Australia asked 1.4 million about reliability, and Mitsubishi finished just outside the top 5 in 6th. This is a great result when you think of all the types of cars currently on the road.


Another major point has to be safety. Mitsubishis cars always receive great ratings from companies like Ancap, who is a leading Australian company that tests crash safety. Eighteen Mitsubishi cars received an average 4.05 stars. Mitsubishi constantly receives some of the finest safety ratings from the leading Australian company’s year after year because the developers of the car focus on making sure each car is as secure as possible.


If you are buying a brand-new car, and you are working on a budget, Mitsubishi has several cars that compare well to other cars of the same type in terms of cost. The Mitsubishi Lancer, which is one of the lower spec cars on the market at the moment is retailing on the official Mitsubishi site for just over $21,000. At the same time, the Toyota Corolla, a car which is very similar to the Lancer in terms of the specifications of the car costs about $3,500 more for the base model.


It is important for a major car company to offer several different types of car, and this is something that Mitsubishi offers its customers. Mitsubishi is currently retailing four cars, five four-wheel drive vehicles, two commercial cars and three performance cars. When you have found a brand that satisfies your needs you want to know that if you wanted to you could buy a car from the same company and developing new and exciting cars is something Mitsubishi has always focused on.

If you are still undecided, the four reasons above should be good enough to convince you that Mitsubishi is a company that needs to be seriously considered when you want to buy a new car. Remember to study the ins and outs of the company, and check for the opinion of the consumers. Only then will you be able to form an opinion on if Mitsubishi is right for you.