Tips To Buy a Used Pajero Car in Brisbane

When you are buying any used car like a Pajero in Brisbane, there are certain unwritten rules you should follow to make sure that you are buying a car that you will ultimately be happy with for many years to come. Here, we will look at tips for buying a used car Pajero in Brisbane.


Buying a car with a poor chassis is not a good idea. First, you should be looking for any noticeable corrosion on the chassis. Then you need to check to see if there is any rust. If there are any chassis issues, it is probably best to avoid the car. Work on the chassis is usually expensive and will take a long time to complete.


When checking the motor, check to see the condition of the ‘engine room.’ A lot of the time, if the engine room has been kept well the motor will be fine. Open the bonnet and start the engine up to listen out for any strange sounds.

Furthermore, look at the engine when it is being revved, does it look like it is running correctly? At the same time, check to see if you can see any signs of leaking oil, or previous signs of oil leaking.

You should also check to see if the timing belt has been replaced recently, if it has not, you may be able to use this to negotiate the price.


If you are checking a manual car, push down on the clutch and check all the five gears and reverse. You should be checking to see there are no issues with sticking, or that it is not hard to use these gears. You should also check the 4WD setting on unfavourable surfaces to see that there are no problems with the 4WD settings. Make sure you always keep an eye on how the gears change on any test drives. Some of the older Pajero’s, like the 89 and before models have been known to have minor gearbox issues.


If your car passes the above three tests, you should avoid major issues. However, make sure you also keep an eye out for any external or internal damage to the car. Then check over the joints and bearings to make sure that they are all in good condition.

You should also check to see that all the exterior lights are working, and that the breaks are sharp and have a quick reaction time. Finally, you should check to see that all the added extras of the car are working; radio, windows and sunroof if applicable. Then you should check any other points you are worried about as well.

Remember, you should check all of these points when buying your used Pajero in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia. You are the one who is buying a car and spending your own money, so make sure you are as rigorous as possible, as there is nothing worse than buying a dud car.

The New Mitsubishi Triton Experience

Anyone that has been looking for a utility vehicle is in luck. The new Mitsubishi Triton in Brisbane is available in two great models, the 4×4 GL-R Club Cab and the 4×2 GLX-R Double Cab. This vehicle offers a turbo diesel engine and a large range of safety features making it one of the best vehicles of this type. For anyone in the market for a utility vehicle, the Mitsubishi Triton needs to be on the top of your list.

Exterior features make the car appealing

The exterior of the Mitsubishi Triton is impressive. It is stylish and offers well defined curves that look wonderful. The front end of the vehicle is aggressive, which gives the truck a mean look, but with a sporty appearance. The most notable features of the exterior include; chrome mirrors, privacy glass, roll-over bar, polished nudge bar, side steps, and fog lights, which make it easier to see in any type of weather. In addition, this truck offers 16 inch allow wheels that sit in wheel arches that are colour coded.

Driving the vehicle is a pleasant experience. The complex suspension system of the vehicle ensures a smooth ride, even when you take the truck off road. The response time of the vehicle is great and keeps you out of discomfort during rough conditions. In addition, the brakes of the vehicle are top of the line, making the vehicle extremely safe to drive in any type of weather.

Interior features make the car great for the driver

While the exterior features of the Mitsubishi Triton are quite impressive, the interior features are wonderful as well. The seats are comfortable and have a sports cloth trim all throughout the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle offers electric windows that include a rear power window. The steering wheel and gear shift are made of leather, which offers a comfortable grip. Some of the entertainment features of the vehicle include blue tooth capabilities, radio tuner, and a single CD player.

For additional comfort, the vehicle offers folding arm rests and plenty of leg room in the front and back. Any passengers that are riding in the back seat will have plenty of room, making long rides in the vehicle more comfortable. In addition, the Mitsubishi Triton offers plenty of cargo storage available, making travelling with large items extremely easy and convenient.

When it comes time to choose a great vehicle, the Mitsubishi Triton has a lot to offer. This vehicle is fantastic for anyone that needs both power and an appealing ride. The vehicle is perfect for single people, families and couples as it offers plenty of room and safety features for anyone that purchases it.