Used cars versus new cars – the benefits of buying a pre-owned car

Finding the perfect vehicle for you and your needs is a long and complex process and your budget is one of the most important requirements. However, choosing between a new or used vehicle isn’t just about budget. Read on to find out the difference between the two to help you decide if you should buy a new or used car in Brisbane.


New cars

There are a number of advantages to buying a new car. The most obvious one is its lack of use. Unlike used cars, it hasn’t been driven, sat in, involved in any accidents or dangerous situations and has very few kilometres on it. They have all the new technology and that new car smell everyone loves. However, there are a few downsides to new cars as well. The biggest one is price. A new car is an expensive purchase and once you buy it, it will start depreciating immediately. While it doesn’t come with much use, it has been test driven and will have a certain amount of kilometres on the clock.


Used vehicles

Buying a used car is a great way to save money and still get a newer, better car than you previously owned. If you head into a dealership, the car will be in the best condition possible for its age and use. This means the dealership would have made it roadworthy and fixed any problems it may have had, as well as probably giving it a good clean and wax. Although it may be older than a new car and have more kilometres, as long as you stick to something within the past five to ten years, you should have no worries. Perhaps the only downside to a used car is any accidents it may have been involved in previously and the kilometres it may have added up.


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Selling your vehicle – what is a car valuation?

Car valuations help predict the price of a car you want to sell or buy. This is usually determined by a car dealer, so you know what your used car is worth and how much money you may receive from the dealer if you sold it to them. It helps find out all the details of a vehicle and includes an inspection of the features and problems it may have and how much it may cost to have them fixed or how much it may reduce the selling price. A car valuation takes into account things like the model, brand, make, transmission, year and the present market condition. They are often used to help you figure out an appropriate price for your vehicle to sell privately or to a dealer.

Car valuations come in two types. One is an online valuation while the other is a physical valuation. A physical valuation involves you taking the used car to a dealer and talking in person about what the car is worth, allowing the dealer or a mechanic to look at the car straight away. You may also have to bring the appropriate documents for the vehicle so they can give you an accurate estimate of its value. This has the advantage of the dealer seeing your car in person so they can give you a more accurate price. However, it is more time consuming and can be hard to fit into a busy schedule.

An online car valuation involves no physical interaction and is therefore a lot simpler than a physical valuation. All it requires is filling out an online form with all the details of your used car, like make, model, year and its Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN). It is a simple system with control on your side. The only downside is that the dealer valuating your car may offer a lower, average price of that car in relation to similar vehicles, as they cannot see the car in person. You may also have to take the car in at a later date if you plan to sell the car to the dealer.

If you are looking for a dealership who can value your car, consider Used Deals. They can valuate a number of cars, from Subaru and Nissan to Mazda and Mercedes, taking on your car and selling it to a new home. For more information visit them online or call 1300 048 225 now.