Save on your new utility vehicle with Barton’s Mitsubishi deal of the week


Mitsubishi DealsBarton’s Mitsubishi Brisbane introduces their latest deal of the week – the new 2012 Triton GLX Single Cab from $23,990 drive away.  This latest utility vehicle boasts a high powered turbo engine and a number of additional safety and styling upgrades as part of the versatile and feature-packed 2012 Triton utility range.  The new series offers all the power of a practical working utility combined with the comfort and safety of a family vehicle.

The cabin interior features a leather steering wheel and gear shifter for added durability and style. Floor carpets make for easy cleaning and additional features such as automatic air-conditioning, CD player and USB port offer extra luxury and driving comfort, making this car suitable for all drivers both on and off the road.

Your Triton GLX is reliable under any working condition with Active Stability and TractionControl.  This 5 speed manual also features power steering and cruise control for practical on road and on site driving. With a 2.5L diesel engine and a three-tonne towing capacity, the new GLX model is perfect for customers who need a hardworking utility with all the comforts of a leisure vehicle.

Bartons Mitsubishi is also offering a special deal to all Brisbane Mitsubishi clients with a $195 capped price service for each 12 month or 15,000km scheduled check up to the 48th month. In addition to this capped price service, Bartons Mitsubishi is also offering a five year or 130,000 km new vehicle factory warranty.

Take advantage of this week’s generous deal and get your hands on the 2012 Triton GLX Single cab utility; jam packed full of features, from Barton’s Mitsubishi today.

Financing your new car with Barton’s Mitsubishi

Whether you’re purchasing a new or used car, most people will seek financing for a vehicle at some point in their lives. With prices upwards of $20 thousand dollars, finance options allow you to spread this lump sum over a longer period of time, allowing you to make repayments on the vehicle in regular instalments.

Mitsubishi Financing

The most common form of financing option is direct lending. Direct lending is a contractual agreement that is held between a borrower and a lending provider such as a bank or credit union. In direct lending, the buyer agrees to pay the amount borrowed at an agreed interest rate over a period of time back to the lender. Once a loan has been obtained using direct lending, the borrower is then able to purchase a vehicle from the car dealership, using the proceeds from the loan to pay off the car. This process is often a long and complicated one.

Dealership financing’ cuts out the middle man by allowing the buyer to finance their vehicle with the car dealership directly. In this arrangement, the buyer enters into a contract with the car dealership, rather than with an intermediate such as a bank. All financial and contractual agreements in dealership financing are similar to direct lending options. The buyer enters into a contract to pay the amount financed, at a pre-determined interest rate, over the period of the loan. However dealership financing is different to direct lending as it serves to reduce the amount of go-between amongst various banks and the financial intermediaries.

Barton’s Mitsubishi is a reputable Brisbane car dealer that provides its customers with a range of dealership financing options. If you’re in the market to buy a new, used or demonstrator Mitsubishi, Barton’s Mitsubishi can tailor a finance package to suit you. Their customer base approach to financing recognizes that no two person’s finance requirements are the same. So whether you’re buying a car for business or pleasure, contact Barton’s Mitsubishi today to sort out your vehicle financing. Other advantages to using dealership financing over direct lending is the interest rate options. Car dealers often maintain relationships with multiple financial institutions meaning they can offer buyers a wide range of financing options that are unique to their specific loan requirements. In addition to a range of interest rate and loan options many car dealerships offer their customers’ manufacturer sponsored low rate programs, which makes the cost of financing a car even cheaper.