Before Going to a Used Car Dealer – Things You Must Know

Before Going to a Used Car Dealer – Things You Must Know

Buying a car can be a complicated and expensive process. This is why it is extremely important to know a few things about buying a vehicle from a used car dealer before even stepping foot in the dealership. Below are some tips to consider before going to a Mitsubishi used car dealer, such as Bartons Mitsubishi.


Never simply walk into a used car dealership to just see what they have. Most of the small and medium sized used car dealerships will have their inventories online for you to look at. Make sure to look at the online inventory in advance and look up the models you are interested in. Read up on the vehicles you are interested in and read customer reviews about the reliability of each. Go to the dealership with a mental list of the cars you are considering and do not let the salesman steer you somewhere else.

Inspect the Vehicle

Even if you don’t know the first thing about cars, there are still some things you can visually check. First, check to make sure that the trim lines are all straight without any fluctuations. An offset fender, door or uneven lines are indications that there was some type of frame damage.

Look underneath the car for rust. If a car is rusted, it is a sign that it has not been well taken care of. While a little bit of rust is tolerable, it is best to steer clear of vehicles that have any form of rust, as it can be a sign of other problems.

Make sure that you test drive any vehicle you are considering purchasing. Most dealerships will allow you to take the car out on the road before you buy it. If anything feels off about the car, it might be a good idea to consider a different one. Follow your instinct and employ common sense.

Know the Dealer

When searching for a used car dealer, it is important to make sure you choose a dealership that comes with lots of recommendations. Ask your friends and family who they used to buy their car. Take their recommendations seriously as your friends and family are going to be the most honest about whether or not they had a good experience when they purchased their vehicle.

There are several sites online that will allow you to compare car dealerships. People will write reviews about their experiences at certain dealerships. These are great to read as they will give you a lot of detailed information about particular used car dealers that are located in your area.

One dealer that ticks all the boxes is Bartons Mitsubishi. With a great range of new and used vehicles, as well as friendly staff, finding the right car for you is easy!

A Car Buyer’s Guide to the Four Most in Demand Car Categories in Australia

A Car Buyer’s Guide to the Four Most in Demand Car Categories in Australia

Ten years ago, the most common car on the road was a four door sedan. However, in more recent years, there has been a move to more and more Australians choosing small compact cars, SUVs, convertibles and minivans.

Compact Cars

It seems that the majority of Australian car buyers are gearing towards vehicles that are smaller and more compact. Among the contenders, the Mazda 3 is a popular choice. Other cars that are smaller and remain prevalent include the Mitsubishi I and Mitsubishi Colt.

The reason that compact cars are so popular is mostly due to their high fuel efficiency. People tend to like the fact that they can go further for less money. And with more people living in the CBD, a small car is easier to manoeuvre on small roads and into parking spaces.


Minivans remain a popular vehicle in Australia as they are extremely convenient for families. These minivans offer extra seating for bigger families. In addition, most minivans will get better mileage than a large SUV or other larger vehicle.

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)

Another popular vehicle type is the SUV. These large vehicles are perfect for getting around the rugged Australian landscape. Although many SUVs are not great on mileage, there have been significant improvements over the recent years.

The overall draw to the SUV is the amount of space that they provide, making them extremely popular for families. One of the most popular SUVs currently on the market is the Mitsubishi Challenger.


Convertibles are extremely popular in Australia, especially for those that live on the coast. The convertible is the perfect vehicle for driving up and down the coast when the weather is good – not uncommon for Australia! These cars are sporty, look cool and are decent on mileage.  Convertibles are best for single people and couples as they are not very practical for most families.

When looking for a new car, consider your basic needs and budget, starting with popular models in the size of vehicle to suit your lifestyle. For more information about the different makes and models of vehicles visit your local car dealer, Bartons Mitsubishi. Offering a wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles, they have something for everyone.