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There are many different types of automobile warranties available. Each offers different kinds of coverage and inclusions and it is important to know what you are entitled to. The following will explain the different types of warranties available for your car.

Manufacturer warranties

This is the standard warranty you receive when you purchase a new car. Your vehicle is covered for malfunctioning damage to most of its parts. However, car parts subject to “wear and tear” are not covered. This includes the brake pads, battery and tires. Manufacturer warranties often last up to 50,000km or two to three years.

Dealership warranties

These are provided by the automobile vendor. Dealership warranties often provide the same coverage as the ones provided by manufacturers. However, there is a condition you need to follow in order to receive coverage. This usually refers to having your car maintained or serviced at specified garages.  Dealership warranties usually have a similar timeframe to manufacturer warranties.

Used car warranties

This type of warranty is given by dealers selling used cars with less than 160,000km and under 10 years old. Unlike the ones provided by manufacturers, coverage for this kind of warranty only covers certain parts within your car. This is due to the consideration in the age of the automobile. The parts covered by this warranty are those relating to safety, reliability and roadworthiness. Used car warranties usually have a shorter period of three months or 5,000km from the date of purchase.

Drivetrain warranties

This type of warranty is provided by manufacturers outside of the normal ones they offer. Drivetrain warranties provide coverage to the parts of your engine. Bear in mind, this plan only pays for the repair and replacement of the components inside your car. This doesn’t cover the cost of complete engine replacement. Drivetrain warranties usually last about five years or 50,000 to 100,000km.

Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage

The Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage is a manufacturer warranty made specifically for Mitsubishi vehicles with an incredible list of benefits. You are given up to 100,000km or at least five years of coverage. Along with the diamond advantage, you are also given a perforation corrosion warranty. This covers the repair of almost any damage caused by rust. You also receive a one year Diamond Advantage Roadside Assist program.

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