Mitsubishi Pajero Upgrades to Five Star Safety

The Mitsubishi Pajero has always been a great car. However, the past year has seen a number of improvements, enhancing this already well-loved car. These updates have provided the SUV with a five-star safety rating from ANCAP, after the vehicle initially received a four-star rating when it was first released in 2006.

Five-Star Safety to be Proud About

This maximum five-star safety rating puts the vehicle in line with its main competitor, the Land Cruiser 200 from Toyota. Beating the Y61 diesel Patrol, which currently has a three star rating from ANCAP, the Mitsubishi Pajero is leading the pack for safety.

Improved Features from 2006

The higher safety rating for the Mitsubishi Pajero comes after it was fitted with an improved steering column and seat belt reminders for the passenger seat. The 2012 version did not have these features.

Every Pajero is fitted with side, passenger, front and curtain airbags. In addition, the vehicle comes with the RISE (reinforced impact safety evolution) body design system that is standard for the Japanese automaker.  It also has a reversing camera and as of July, now has Isofix child restraints.

There have been no changes made to the standard equipment of the Mitsubishi Pajero, delivering the same car consumers love. The range still offers the five seat GLX in a five-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. The GLX model is powered by a 3.2 litre turbo diesel that is now the standard for the range of vehicles. The vehicle also features rear fog lights, alloy wheels measuring 17 inches, a front skid plate and roof rails.

These days, the interior of a car is all about comfort and convenience. In the cabin, you will find a leather steering wheel and a leather gearshift knob, auto-dimming mirror featuring a reversing camera, climate control, Bluetooth, auxiliary outlets, USB and a stereo with six speakers.

The GLXR variant of the vehicle is similar to the GLX, except that is has two extra seats. These vehicles also have fog lamps in the front, exterior door mirrors that are colour coded and a tail gate spoiler. The VRX offers allow wheels measuring 18 inches, puddle lamps, privacy glass and the cabin has seat trim made of leather and front seats that are heated. The Range Topping Exceed model of the vehicle includes chrome on the door handles and mirrors, wood printing on the panels and steering wheel, and a back seat entertainment system.

For more information about the new safety features of the Mitsubishi Pajero, as well as more information about pricing of these vehicles, contact Bartons Mitsubishi today.

Top 5 Tips for First Time Mitsubishi Car Buyers

When you’re a first time buyer of anything, it can be a fairly daunting process if you aren’t particularly knowledgeable and you don’t know what to look out for.

Buying a Mitsubishi car for the first time is no different, and with all manner of car dealers, marketing ploys, and sales tactics to face, it can be very difficult figuring out when you’re getting a good deal and when someone is simply pulling the wool over your eyes, so to speak.

Fear not, for in this article we are going to explore the top five tips for Mitsubishi car buyers:

  • Budget
    Before you do anything else, you’ll need to determine how much money you’re willing to spend on your new vehicle; this means asking yourself questions such as whether you’re going to pay monthly or purchase outright, what kind of initial payment you can afford to put down, and one kind of financing plan you will ultimately opt for.
    Budgeting like this will also help you to have a more realistic idea of the kind of cars that are within your price range so that you don’t end up tormenting yourself by coveting a range of high-end vehicles that are completely beyond your budget.
  • Efficiency
    Back to the matter of the car itself, another factor to consider that is closely related to budgeting is the reliability and fuel-efficiency of the vehicle.
    As well as the cost of the car purchase itself, make sure you opt for vehicle that is well reviewed and will not cost you an arm and a leg in maintenance costs and fuel consumption.
  • Take Your Time
    Buying a new car can be quite exciting for some people, but you should remain patient and not make any hasty decisions.
    When you first begin visiting car dealerships, do so with no intention of buying on you first visit; instead, speak to an advisor and assess exactly what is on offer. This is also a great chance to get a feel for the quality of service the dealership will be able to offer you.
  • Choosing a Dealership
    Researching who you buy your new Mitsubishi from is just as important as learning about the vehicle itself; you will ideally want to use a company with a proven track record of good customer service, transparency, and competitive prices.
    An obvious choice is Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi; with their more than 66 years of experience, they are one of the largest family-owned dealerships in Queensland and are sure to be able to answer any questions you might have while offering some very competitive packages.
  • Keep Your Poker Face On
    If you’ve found the car you want and you’ve settled on a dealership, arrange a test drive but don’t get too excited just yet; if you want to negotiate the best deal and ensure your salesperson is going to be open to negotiation, keep your poker face on and don’t suggest at any point that your mind is made up.
    It is also a good idea to settle on a final price before you begin negotiating any trade-ins or financing options.

Hopefully these car buying tips have been of use and you can now begin to process of putting these steps into action to ensure you drive away with the car you want, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a fantastic deal.