The Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi Difference

When it comes to Mitsubishi dealerships in Brisbane, or anywhere else for that matter, the only option that really makes sense is to pay a visit to Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi.

The level of integrity and transparency, and the level of customer service you’ll receive will leave you safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice.

Customers for Life is our Philosophy

Whatever kind of purchase you’re looking to make, be it a car, a house, or a television, there are always going to smaller, less-established companies and salespeople who are looking to make a quick dollar without offering you any significant after care or clearly lay out exactly what it is you’re paying for.

Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi has been serving Wynnum Manly & the Redlands for more than 66 years; they’ve seen the ups and downs of the local motoring industry and have serviced countless families, helping them to find the best possible deal on their next vehicle where another car dealer may have failed.

What started as a small family-run business operating out of a workshop has flourished into one of the largest family-owned dealerships in Queensland, and this level of experience is exactly what is needed because they understand that making a quick sale and leaving the customer floundering benefits neither you nor them in the long term.

So Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi have a vested interested in ensuring that you have the best possible experience and drive away with a car you’re happy with; this is the key to their long-lasting success and is just one aspect of what sets them apart from the competition.

Buy Better, Buy Bartons

Bartons has now been awarded the Mitsubishi distinguished dealer award on more than eight separate occasions. This award has only been presented to dealerships nationally so this is an incredibly proud achievement, and one that has been rightfully earned through decades of great service.

When you receive a quotation on a vehicle from Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi, that is what you will pay; they are one of the best-organized, if not the best organized in Queensland, and you can drive away safe in the knowledge that there will be no hidden charges, no sneaky administrative fees, and no nasty hidden terms in the small print.

When a business prides itself on delivering an unrivalled service first and foremost before concerning itself with profits, that is a key to long-term success and this is why so many customers come back to Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi time and time again.

The Bartons Bayside Experience

If you would like to find out more about what Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi can do for you, consider speaking to one of their long-serving employees.

Bartons Bayside operates as you would expect a family-owned business to operate, with care and consideration for each customer’s needs; every employee is a local resident and you may have even bumped into one or two of them a few times!

Always welcoming and always helpful, the staff at Bartons Bayside Mitsubishi are waiting for your visit so what are you waiting for? Check us out in:

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Pajero, for territory as tough as you.

The Mitsubishi Pajero is one of the toughest, performance driven 4WD vehicles currently on the market. Its specs allow give you control and power when you need it most. Below is a detailed discussion about the Pajero’s performance and where in Queensland you can take it for a spin.

Mitsubishi All Terrain Technology

Each version of the Pajero utilises Mitsubishi All Terrain Technology (MATT).  This is a collection of systems which are responsible for providing off-road control and handling to the vehicle. MATT utilises the following:

  • Active stability and traction control – This system uses a rear differential lock. This helps provide the Pajero with superior control during extreme conditions. The stability and traction control is provided to all four wheels.
  • Super Select II 4WD – This system gives you both rear and four-wheel drive mode. It can even be changed while the Pajero is moving.
  • ABS braking system with EBD – The Pajero utilises an Antilock Brake System (ABS) as well as an Electronic Brake-force Distributor (EBD). This is an important safety feature of the vehicle, limiting the braking force of the wheel. The system helps prevent the Pajero from stepping out and causing an accident.

4WD tracks

There are numerous off-road tracks in Queensland where you can push your Pajero to the limit, including:

  • Moreton Island – Moreton Island itself is an entire off-road area. Traversing the island requires the use of a 4WD vehicle. The majority of Moreton Island consists of desert. Pajeros are very compatible here because of the light weight body and high torque delivery.
  • Lockyer State Forest – Lockyer State Forest track is a great course for intermediate drives. It consists of steep hills and steep water basins. The Pajero’s high torque performance and MATT allows you to conquer almost every one of these obstacles.
  • Mt Mee – Just like Lockyer State Forest, Mt Mee offers intermediate drivers a challenging track. It has a number of water basins. There is even a very steep decent which can be high up. The Pajero’s active stability and traction control helps keep the vehicle from getting stopped by these hazards.

Off-roading is always fun and challenging with a Mitsubishi Pajero. If you live in Brisbane, just visit Bartons Mitsubishi to see their full selection of these vehicles to meet your needs. Check out their website or call them on (07) 3117 8113 for more details.