Mitsubishi Pajero – An Aussie Favourite For Over 30 years


For more than 30 years, the Pajero from Mitsubishi has been a favourite amongst Aussies. The vehicles has been part of many Australia’s amazing road adventures for the last three decades evolving over time with the latest technology and style, making it one of the country’s most in-demand vehicles today.

Below are some of the notable points throughout the Pajero’s history:

The J-52 is the Pajero’s first prototype. Made in Japan during the 70s, the J-52 is a reproduction of the famous American Jeep. It was made for the Japanese self-defence forces who required a vehicle with off-road capabilities. The J-52 never saw an international release but Mitsubishi believed in the market demand for this type of vehicle, leading to the next key point in Pajero history.

Pajero first generation
The next prototype made its debut in 1982. The main improvement on the first generation model was its enclosed cabin feature. The cabin came with a metallic or removable canvas top. It was also more spacious than the J-52. During the 80s, the Pajero was used in motor sporting events such as the Dakar Rally, where it was able to outperform many other vehicles.

Super Select 4WD (SS4)
The Pajero’s second generation was redesigned with a more urban-friendly design. It was during this generation when the Super Select 4WD system was introduced. This system provided different driving modes. This included the 4H mode where the front and rear shafts provided the power in order to give an increased amount of torque and traction.

Increased safety features
The third generation’s design was focused on safety. The Pajero’s redesign had a lower centre of gravity to provide better on-road handling. It also saw the relocation of the fuel tank between the axles for added safety. The Super Select 4WD II made its debut during this generation. It was an upgrade of the SS4 system which is now electronic.

Current models
The current or fourth generation Pajero introduced the technology utilised by current Mitsubishi vehicles. This includes the latest safety features such as the Active Stability & Traction Control. The system automatically applies the brakes if the driver loses control of the vehicle.  New Pajero models are able to utilise the latest 3.0L V6 petrol and 3.2L four-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Over time, the Pajero continues to evolve and has become a favourite around the world. See why this is still one of the most loved vehicle in Australia by visiting your nearest Mitsubishi Dealer in Brisbane such as Bartons Mitsubishi. Inquire today by visiting their website.


Mitsubishi Triton – A True Workhorse


Tough, reliable and drives like a sedan: The Mitsubishi Triton is the perfect pickup for those who like to work hard, play hard. Built like a true workhorse, the Triton promises better fuel economy, a comfortable and quiet cabin and car-like manoeuvrability. With over three decades of reliability, this pickup still meets the changing needs of Australian drivers. Want to find out why? Read on:

A quiet beast of an engine
Powering this workhorse is Mitsubishi’s 2.4-litre DOHC MIVEC turbo diesel engine, a 16-valve common rail intercooled engine made from lightweight materials. With a compression ratio of 15:5:1, this aluminium engine is efficient and quieter compared to its competitors. Producing 133 kilowatts of power at 3,5000rpm, it delivers more power while increasing fuel efficiency. Thanks to its torque at 430 Nanometres at 2,500rpm, carrying or towing loads is an easy feat for the Triton. Its beast of an engine will get any job done right.

Cutting-edge Easy Select 4WD
Mitsubishi will always be synonymous with cutting-edge Easy Select four-wheel-drive, with the Triton featuring four driving modes:

  • 2H – two-wheel-drive for normal driving conditions.
  • 4H – four-wheel-drive or full-time 4WD for rough and hazardous road conditions.
  • 4LLC (Low range 4WD) – used when driving on sand, ascending steep hills, etc.
  • 4HLC (High range 4WD) – used when driving through low-grip surfaces and rugged terrains.

Drivers can easily select one of these 4WD options to match the road conditions they are currently driving. However, driving speed must be below 100 kilometres per hours to switch between driving modes.

Even heavy loads become light ones
Loads are not a burden for this reliable workhorse. The Triton’s spacious cargo bed can hold everything you need for work or play, with added inner hooks to help keep cargo in place. A single handle ensures the pickup’s rear gate is always locked. Mitsubishi’s engineers also added extra reinforcement on its cargo bed to ensure durability. In addition, the Triton has up to 3.1 tonnes of brake towing capacity and an 11.8-metre turning circle, making it an ideal vehicle for jobsites or farms.

Modern interiors for the modern workhorse
Mitsubishi’s designers did not skimp on comfort in the Triton. A modern workhorse deserves a modern interior. Double cab Tritons feature bigger head and shoulder space for the driver and front passenger. Legroom was also increased for its rear passengers to provide comfort. Drivers will also benefit from its telescopic and tilt steering to find a comfortable driving position. The car also has a multi-information display to show average fuel consumption, driving distance and outside temperature. Audio and cruise controls built into the Triton’s steering wheel are standard in the range as well.

Built tough and rated with 5-stars for safety by ANCAP
A sturdy design and hardwearing construction is not enough for a pickup – it should also be safe on the road. Trailer Stability Assist (TSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Active Traction Control and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution are some of the Triton’s safety features, subsequently awarded with 5-stars for safety by ANCAP.

The Triton is a powerful workhorse with passenger car handling. It is the perfect pickup for the modern man (or woman!). Looking for Mitsubishi vehicles in Brisbane? Check out Bartons Mitsubishi for the best selection of pickups and passenger cars.




A new era in excellence – the new 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander


Revealed late last year at the New York International Auto Show, the new Mitsubishi Outlander is set to break all the records, redesigned and re-engineered from nose to tail to deliver modern edgy looks and vastly improved performance on the road. The 2016 Outlander is the first in the Mitsubishi family to showcase the brand’s striking new “Dynamic Shield” design concept, providing a fresh, sleek look on-road.

With improvements galore, the 2016 model is the perfect balance between amazing new features and the great qualities of past models. But what exactly gives the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander more to love? Have a look:

As mentioned above, the new “Dynamic Shield” design concept is perhaps one of the most obvious exterior features of the 2016 model. This feature is inherited from the bumper side protection seen on generations of the Pajero, providing reassuring protection for both people and car.

Sharper rear styling provides a sleek look, with a new design bumper and silver skid plate. Chrome tailgate garnish and LED rear combo lamps, as well as fog lamps complement the look. The same chrome accents are used throughout the exterior, offering a consistent styling with 18-inch alloy wheels to complete the car’s great looks.

As if the outside wasn’t enough to impress, the inside of the new Outlander delivers even more bang for your buck. Embellished with soft touch features and premium grade materials, the whole cabin is built to impress, with refined stitching highlights on the instrument panel, featuring a gloss black screen, and a soft type centre console with room for all your bits and bobs. The steering wheel has been revamped, with gloss black bezel and new accent trim.

But what about the most important part of the interior – the seats? The 2016 Outlander does not disappoint, with improved lateral support and an increase in side bolster stiffness. The LS and XLS models also feature new black cloth seat trim with stitching details complement the new interior look and further increase comfort.

Boasting improved handling dynamics and reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), the 2016 Outlander drives like a dream.

NVH improvements have been developed in part from the application of extensive sound insulation and isolation damping materials throughout the vehicle. A modified engine air intake system allows for reduced engine noise, cabin boom, road and wind noise, along with features like noise-isolating windscreen glass, improved weather stripping, new tyres, damper tuning and modified suspension mounts. And this isn’t all! In fact, the new Outlander has thirty-nine NVH improvements in total.

Other improvements include better steering response, handling and ride feel, achieved through a more rigid suspension system, reinforced body and Electronic Power Steering calibrations. Comfort and straight line stability has also seen improvement due to the larger diameter rear dampers.

Acceleration also saw a change, with the revised Continuously-Variable Transmission (CVT) system taking it to the next level. Other improvements include better fuel economy, improved transmission shift quality and downshift response.

Like all great Mitsubishis, the 2016 Outlander has received a five-star ANCAP safety rating thanks to its combination of active and passive safety features. Front driver and passenger airbags, side, curtain and knee protection airbags, reverse camera and sensors and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System are just some of the things that help this model get top spot.

The Outlander’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body structure is further reinforced with active safety features like Traction Control and Active Stability Control (ASC), ABS with Electronic Break Distribution (EBD) and Hill Start Assist.

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The Mitsubishi Triton shows its grunt with Aussie off-road champion Toby Price at the wheel

Mitsubishi is an Aussie favourite, known for its tough utes and sporty city cars. But until now, it hasn’t seen much of the spotlight in Australian motorsports. Just last month, Mitsubishi Motors Australia announced that four-time Australian Off-Road Champion, Toby Price, was its newest ambassador, having taken delivery of a new 2016 Mitsubishi Triton Exceed.

The Mitsubishi Triton Exceed is a new addition to the Triton family, the perfect support vehicle for Price, who regularly competes in challenging off-road motorsport events around the country. As a professional in motorsports, Price spends a lot of time on the road, taking his motorcycle and racing equipment with him. The Triton gives the grunt he needs, without sacrificing comfort or good looks.

Tough and reliable, the four-wheel drive capability makes it perfect for reaching more remote locations for the racing professional, and with a quiet engine and a superior interior, long drives are made easy.

With a long history in endurance motorsport, Mitsubishi is the perfect partner for Price, featuring some of the best Mitsubishi has to offer, including a new 2.4-litre MIVEC turbo diesel engine and customised Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories including nudge-bar, roof racks, tub-liner and driving lights.

Want to join Toby Price on the road with the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton Exceed? Head to Bartons Mitsubishi to discuss your options.

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