Mitsubishi Pajero – An Aussie Favourite For Over 30 years


For more than 30 years, the Pajero from Mitsubishi has been a favourite amongst Aussies. The vehicles has been part of many Australia’s amazing road adventures for the last three decades evolving over time with the latest technology and style, making it one of the country’s most in-demand vehicles today.

Below are some of the notable points throughout the Pajero’s history:

The J-52 is the Pajero’s first prototype. Made in Japan during the 70s, the J-52 is a reproduction of the famous American Jeep. It was made for the Japanese self-defence forces who required a vehicle with off-road capabilities. The J-52 never saw an international release but Mitsubishi believed in the market demand for this type of vehicle, leading to the next key point in Pajero history.

Pajero first generation
The next prototype made its debut in 1982. The main improvement on the first generation model was its enclosed cabin feature. The cabin came with a metallic or removable canvas top. It was also more spacious than the J-52. During the 80s, the Pajero was used in motor sporting events such as the Dakar Rally, where it was able to outperform many other vehicles.

Super Select 4WD (SS4)
The Pajero’s second generation was redesigned with a more urban-friendly design. It was during this generation when the Super Select 4WD system was introduced. This system provided different driving modes. This included the 4H mode where the front and rear shafts provided the power in order to give an increased amount of torque and traction.

Increased safety features
The third generation’s design was focused on safety. The Pajero’s redesign had a lower centre of gravity to provide better on-road handling. It also saw the relocation of the fuel tank between the axles for added safety. The Super Select 4WD II made its debut during this generation. It was an upgrade of the SS4 system which is now electronic.

Current models
The current or fourth generation Pajero introduced the technology utilised by current Mitsubishi vehicles. This includes the latest safety features such as the Active Stability & Traction Control. The system automatically applies the brakes if the driver loses control of the vehicle.  New Pajero models are able to utilise the latest 3.0L V6 petrol and 3.2L four-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Over time, the Pajero continues to evolve and has become a favourite around the world. See why this is still one of the most loved vehicle in Australia by visiting your nearest Mitsubishi Dealer in Brisbane such as Bartons Mitsubishi. Inquire today by visiting their website.


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