Tips To Buy a Used Pajero Car in Brisbane

When you are buying any used car like a Pajero in Brisbane, there are certain unwritten rules you should follow to make sure that you are buying a car that you will ultimately be happy with for many years to come. Here, we will look at tips for buying a used car Pajero in Brisbane.


Buying a car with a poor chassis is not a good idea. First, you should be looking for any noticeable corrosion on the chassis. Then you need to check to see if there is any rust. If there are any chassis issues, it is probably best to avoid the car. Work on the chassis is usually expensive and will take a long time to complete.


When checking the motor, check to see the condition of the ‘engine room.’ A lot of the time, if the engine room has been kept well the motor will be fine. Open the bonnet and start the engine up to listen out for any strange sounds.

Furthermore, look at the engine when it is being revved, does it look like it is running correctly? At the same time, check to see if you can see any signs of leaking oil, or previous signs of oil leaking.

You should also check to see if the timing belt has been replaced recently, if it has not, you may be able to use this to negotiate the price.


If you are checking a manual car, push down on the clutch and check all the five gears and reverse. You should be checking to see there are no issues with sticking, or that it is not hard to use these gears. You should also check the 4WD setting on unfavourable surfaces to see that there are no problems with the 4WD settings. Make sure you always keep an eye on how the gears change on any test drives. Some of the older Pajero’s, like the 89 and before models have been known to have minor gearbox issues.


If your car passes the above three tests, you should avoid major issues. However, make sure you also keep an eye out for any external or internal damage to the car. Then check over the joints and bearings to make sure that they are all in good condition.

You should also check to see that all the exterior lights are working, and that the breaks are sharp and have a quick reaction time. Finally, you should check to see that all the added extras of the car are working; radio, windows and sunroof if applicable. Then you should check any other points you are worried about as well.

Remember, you should check all of these points when buying your used Pajero in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia. You are the one who is buying a car and spending your own money, so make sure you are as rigorous as possible, as there is nothing worse than buying a dud car.

Pajero Life Style

The Pajero is a car that is making strides to become one of the best in Australia. This is one of the main reasons why the Pajero is retailing in Brisbane at such a high rate. Here, we will explore the Mitsubishi Pajero and its benefits in more detail.

About the Car
The Pajero is a 4-wheel drive vehicle that has been in production since 1982. The car is currently on its fourth generation, and it is expected that a fifth will soon be in production. The Pajero’s motto is ‘drive through anything.’ This is in reference to the powerful ability of the car, which makes it ideal for driving in the outback or on harsh terrain.

The Models
There are currently five models, all of which are only available in five doors. The GL is the base model, and these are the improvements; GLX, GLS, VRX, Exceed. Every model has the same features of the last one in the list and the other ones that are listed.

The base model, the GL, has a 3.2 litre engine, driver and passenger airbags, air conditioning and Anti-theft encrypted engine immobilisation among other features. The main addition to the GLX is the third-row seats with a stow-away function. The GLS brings side steps and a chrome grill. The VRX has reverse parking sensors, automatic rain sensing wipers and 18” alloys. The last, Exceed, has premium security and roadside cover for five years as part of the price.

Benefits of Owning a Pajero

Coming from one of the best car companies for safety, Mitsubishi, the Pajero has received four stars for safety from a variety of reputable Australian safety companies. This is a major benefit to those who have families. Furthermore, as the car is a large four-wheel drive vehicle, it is one of the safest on the market.

Even though the majority of four-wheel drive cars have a lot of space, the Pajero offers a lot of leg and head room for both those in the front seats and those in the back seats. Once again, the benefits of a car with lots of space are obvious.

Even the base model Pajero still comes with more internal extras (as part of the price) than the majority of other four wheels drives offer with their most advanced models. These additions really set this car apart from others on the market.

The Pajero is a fine example of a quality four-wheel drive vehicle. As you can see from the above, there are plenty of benefits to owning a Pajero and these just scratch the surface when it comes to some of the other things that the car can offer any buyer.